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What is Cocoon?

Cocoon is a multi-disciplinary centre for supporting women and families through the major stages of their lives, particularly during the maternity years.
Stephanie, Laura and Eve have a wealth of experience in this field, with many commonalities but also unique specific skills. We share the same desire to support women and families. With Cocoon, we want to create a safe place where women can become empowered by learning and preparing for childbirth and the postnatal period; take care of the physical, mental and emotional challenges of pregnancy, childbirth and raising young children; and also feel part of a community, more confident and supportive of each other.

Currently Cocoon has a team of 14 health and wellness professionals, we have 3 treatment rooms and a workshop space. We will soon launch a programme of group birth and postpartum classes. We understand that there are constraints here in terms of birth options, we would like our birth preparation classes to be adapted to these constraints and in line with your way of practicing - please don't hesitate to reach out. It is in this sense that we wish to work with you, in order to optimise everyone's work in the common interest of our patients - complete and professional care for a better progress of the different stages of life of the woman and her family.


2010: Diploma of Osteopathy (D.O) - CEESO Paris
2011/2012: Pediatric Osteopathy - Paris, Osteo Bébé, D.Heintz Blondy & E.Simon
2013: Post-surgical Visceral Osteopathy, treatment of scars and adhesions - Paris CFPCO
2014: Pregnancy follow-up and Osteopathic preparation for childbirth - Paris, CFPCO
2020: Integrative Approach to Fertility in Osteopathy - Paris, CFPCO
2020: Breastfeeding Support - Paris, Ecole du Bien Naitre
2021: Baby Massage - Paris, Ecole du Bien Naître
2021: Motor skills for babies and children - Paris, Ecole du Bien Naître

I am an Osteopath DO, graduated from a 5 years school recognized by the French state. Since my initial training, my mind has turned towards specialising my osteopathic practice in the perinatal field. With several internships in paediatric and gynaecological hospital services, my perinatal orientation took on its full meaning when in 2012 I obtained the certificate in Paediatric Osteopathy. This allowed me to change the way I treat my patients, young and old. I rediscovered osteopathy through children.

The objective of my daily practice is to orientate my treatment towards the preventive aspect that osteopathy can bring to couples, future mothers, mothers and their babies, for their future evolution:
The preparation of the body of the woman and her partner and the optimization of the functioning of their reproductive system when the desire of pregnancy is expressed as well as the care of the couple in its totality, the osteopathic follow-up of the pregnancy as well as the physical preparation to the childbirth (by the preparation of the perineum, the place that one can make to the baby, the work of breathing, mental and physical well-being), the rebalancing of all the tensions and bodily imbalances that the baby can present from its birth, the release of tensions due to the physical and emotional traumas of the whole perinatal period, the rebalancing and the recovery of the mother's body in the postpartum period...

All this global care had to take place in one place in Dakar. A place which, I hope, will be able to grow along with the desire of each woman. A place of kindness and support for each stage of family life. This is what we hope to set up in the future with all the participating therapists, and with the help of medical professionals, who will be for us a support point for the balanced development of Cocoon.

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