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Nikki Rudnick

'I cannot say enough about the power of Eve. We had an incredible natural birthing experience, due to Eve’s commitment, sensitivity and patience as a doula. She listened to our wishes with an open heart,
and translated our desires into reality. She has a knack for understanding the depths of people and relationships, and translates that understanding into a fully supported experience. She is an incredible professional – being a doula comes naturally to her.

Storn, Dennis

& Amelia

'Eve is just the loveliest, I can’t say enough good things. Her calm, supportive demeanour and sense of humour helped take away the fear that surrounds childbirth. This was a huge part of the equation that led to me delivering without wanting pain relief.

I think the greatest help though was having Eve reassure a first-time dad that a totally alien experience was actually normal. She took charge of advising on when to go to hospital, helped to navigate the hospital protocols and reassured him that the birth was progressing normally which avoided a lot of anxiety and distraction (for us both!).

I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have supporting at a birth than Eve.


At first, I was skeptical that I could have a “beautiful birth", mostly because I never thought labor could involve anything less than medieval amounts of blood, agony and terror­­ all under fluorescent lights and atop a hard surface.
Eve of Four Trimesters proved me wrong.

I didn’t get around to enlisting her help until I was pretty far along, maybe around 34 weeks. Undeterred, Eve assured me that it “wasn’t too late.” With her gentle and intuitive coaching, I started to ask myself what I wanted my birth to be like. I never had any illusions that it would be pain­ free (it wasn’t). However, with Eve’s support, I was able to prepare
for the signals of labor, navigate through the pain and control my response. I consulted Eve as I tracked my contractions and she encouraged me to go to the hospital just in the nick of time.

I arrived at the hospital at 9:30 p.m. and my beautiful baby girl was born at 11:19 p.m.
After the delivery, with Eve’s sturdy advocacy, I was able to spend nearly two, blissful hours chest­-to­chest with my newborn baby. In Hong Kong, where my son was born, it was a matter of minutes. I’m 100% positive that the
exercises she taught me, the conceptual preparation and the emotional support made a smooth, drug­free birth a

Pulling through without drugs was important for me. I was wary of epidurals after some complications with my son’s
birth, which left me with nerve damage in my foot. While I recovered after a few months, I couldn’t shake the feeling
that it was all avoidable. I can’t say enough how much better I felt after this drug­free birth: I was “present” during the
delivery (with the epidural, I didn’t even know when to push!) and the recovery was a matter of days versus weeks. If I could, I would stand atop a mountain and declare my gratitude to Eve for making this possible.

Adi Britton Oxland

I gave birth to Ben in Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London - it was a very traumatic delivery.

When I was pregnant with my second while we were living in Singapore, I knew I needed to get some help and a friend recommended a dula named Eve. First thing I thought was that she has a beautiful name.
Then we met in a coffee shop and she explained to me how it works: 2 sessions before delivery + delivery and then post natal session. I don’t think I realized then how important or critical were the pre-delivery sessions.

Eve came to our home and sat with me and my husband - the atmosphere was very nice and relaxing, then she started asking what are we afraid of (and ohh my list was long!) - Eve was so patient with me and my husband and addressed All of our concerns one by one in such a professional and relaxing way. That session was so meaningful to me. She gave me some tips on postures and activities to do when in labor, but the most important is that she made me believe again in me and my body. She made me feel strong, that this is natural and I can nail it (with or without epidural).

When the delivery came - I felt ready for it and did the steps as she taught me.
We met in the hospital, Eve knew everyone there including my doctor and she had already arranged a room for us, by the time we arrived to the hospital we went straight to the room (avoiding the need to take care of any admin whilst have contractions!). There, Eve was just there for us and let my husband run the show with her support in the “back stage”.
My baby came out less than 3 hours since we arrived to the hospital and that delivery was the best experience ever. It was a correction to what I had gone before with my 1st delivery.

We named our daughter Or (means light in Hebrew) and second name - Eve .

Now I’m pregnant with my 3rd, and I am soooo sad that Eve no longer lives in Singapore. But I’m sure she will make other ladies’s experience so much better.

Gwen Woon

My baby girl is now 11 weeks old. Till today, I wonder what would have happened if Eve was not with us that special day.
She definitely is the epitome of calm and composure.-the very elements birthing women miss out during labour. I am thankful for her presence and her reminder for me to “let it come”, as she noticed me fearing/beginning to resist a surge in the transition phase.
Conversations with her are always positive and encouraging. And it is a joy working with her for she will always be there to answer our questions.
Thanks for the successful and wonderful vbac Eve.


Throughout my pregnancy with our second child, Oliver, I have been hoping to go for a VBAC. The prenatal private consultations with Eve were extremely helpful in discussing my wishes and fears regarding Oliver's birth. They have also allowed us to better understand the birthing system here in Singapore (our first child was born in Switzerland) and how to navigate it to suit the type of birth we would like to have. When the contractions started close to midnight, Eve was always a text message away and guided us on what positions to be in so that the labour can go smoother. She accompanied us to the hospital the following morning and it was great to have her guide us again in the hospital. With her around, we felt more confident in going back home to labour more instead of waiting it out at the hospital. That turned out to be a great decision as I managed to reach 10cm dilation at home before heading over to the hospital again! Once we were back in the hospital, Eve was the one who noticed that I have started to push and notified the nurses to hurry with their preparations and to get my gynae over. The final push without epidural was very intense and I could not have asked for a better support team (my husband and Eve) to keep me going! Oliver was out rather quickly and Eve stayed on to ensure that we had skin to skin bonding time with him right after birth and only left us once we were nicely settled in our room and after Oliver has latched on and drank. We also engaged her postpartum and she was always very encouraging and offered really practical advice on breastfeeding and baby carrying. Looking back, I think engaging Eve and Four Trimesters was definitely one of the reasons why my VBAC experience turned out to be a successful one. I would highly recommend her and Ginny and the team at Fourtrimesters if you are thinking of getting a doula. Eve, we can't thank you enough!


I can't say enough great things about Eve. I originally was looking for a Doula in order to have someone coach me through a natural birth. Eve ended up being so much more than that - helping us with things we didn't even know that we needed. In the prenatal sessions she helped us prepare for logistical, physical, and emotional challenges we weren't yet anticipating, focusing on everything needed to create the birth we wanted. During the birth itself, she was the most supportive coach anyone could ask for, translating what was going on to me in a way that was meaningful while in labor, making helpful suggestions, sharing options, helping out with massaging and more. She was also a fantastic advocate for us and our birth plan, acting as an interface between us and everyone else the hospital so we didn't have to worry about a thing and could just be in the moment. She kept us informed and prepared, making for an incredibly smooth, drug free birth. Immediately after the birth, Eve was so positive and patient while we worked on our first feed and came back energetic and prepared for everything first thing the next day. In the following weeks, Eve continued to demonstrate her expertise and passion, answering so many of our first time parent questions and coming by for post natal support when we ran into challenges. She is one of the most positive, enthusiastic, supportive, and birth-knowledgeable people we've met in our pregnancy and parenting journey, clearly someone who is meant to be a Doula! ~E.K.

Carolynn Bae

I had an amazing birth and I owe a large part of that to Eve. What an amazing experience to have a coach and advocate side-by-side with you throughout the process. I don't think the natural birth I wanted would have been achievable without it. Eve is a strong, knowledgeable and caring doula who makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Her energy is so calm and positive, what feels impossible becomes possible. She 100% listened, supported and advocated my decisions and after the birth went above and beyond to care not just for me but for my new little family. Wonderful and unforgettable experience in every way. Thank you Eve!

Applie Wan

In our pursuit of a natural and drug free birth for our first child, we decided to engage a doula to support us through what we knew would be a challenging and intimidating journey for us. We are so thankful to have Eve as our birth doula, who had been so encouraging and assuring with her wealth of knowledge since the very start. She made sure to go through our birth plan carefully during the prenatals, helped us revisit the Spinning Babies exercises and psyched us up mentally for our baby's arrival. She was an absolute godsend during my 26 hour labour, her calming voice and gentle touches kept me on top of my breath when I was losing strength and will to push through. She advocated strongly for our wishes in the labour ward to make sure I was birthing right, even if it didn't sit so well with the nurses on shift and I really appreciated her firm stance in working with them that helped us keep true to our birth plan. It was with her constant reassurance and unwavering support that I birthed our baby without any interventions, and it had been the most empowering experience for me as a woman. Eve continued to support me postpartum with breastfeeding, which was unexpectedly overwhelming, and was utmost patient with our multitude of questions as first time parents. What I appreciated most was how she helped me to normalise all those negative feelings I had after the birth, as I had to deal with the hormones, uncertainty of caring for a newborn, pain of breastfeeding and onslaught of comments from well-meaning family members and friends, which helped to keep the postnatal depression at bay. We were glad that we could also trust in her chiropractic expertise for our baby, as she had tongue tie and side preference which impacted on breastfeeding. 6 months on, we have a fulfilling and enjoyable breastfeeding relationship and we definitely have Eve to thank for her wonderful support throughout this journey.


‘I worked with Eve mainly during my postpartum period and it was one of the best deductions I’ve made.
We often focus a lot on the birth and forget the after period. I certainly thought: “postpartum doula? What for?” Until I got home from the hospital with my baby girl and realised I had no clue.
Eve provided compassionate and loving care, guidance and support. She was also a grounded
presence that accompanied me as I navigated the turbulent early days of being a new mom and having a baby. Her visits would put me at ease and instilled me with confidence. I highly recommend her'

Andrea, Christoph

& Tobias

'Before we came to fourtrimesters we never heard of a doula. In our home country everything is organized differently. When we first heard of doula services we thought we might save those bucks and do everything on our own. I can't remember what exactly changed our mind, but those bucks were well spent and I would love to have a doula with us when we get our next baby.

Whenever I get asked how our son's birth was I always laugh and say: "Well, you don't plan for 30h labor. But my husband and doula were absolutely wonderful and I feel good with how everything turned out to be."

Eve was always there for us when we had a question. When we prepared for birth with her we got to know each other and discussed how we envisioned labor and what we would prefer in case Plan A doesn't work. When labor started I was calm because I knew that whatever happens, we are prepared.

During labor Eve helped me to stay calm, remember how to breath, change positions, did the spinning babies,... she was really great. But not only did she help me. She was also there for my husband and supported him. When our son was finally there Eve helped us to get settled and made sure we were alright before she left to get well earned rest.

In the following days and weeks she helped me with breastfeeding, checked in on us and answered all our questions.

If you ask me - I can only recommend fourtrimesters and having a doula by your side.

Andrea & Christoph with little Tobias


We count our lucky stars we decided to use a doula and went to Four Trimesters, just a few days before I had my first
baby. We trusted Ginny immediately after meeting her and she was so accommodating in setting us up with Eve
quickly and thank goodness she did. It was a swift labour and Eve was invaluable, from calling the doctor in time
(neither my husband or myself had the presence of mind to do so!) to helping me stick to my intention of having a drug
free birth when I thought my resolve was weakening. She was a precious source of support and insight in the first
weeks. She guided us with so many things that seemed so foreign to new parents but most importantly with breast
feeding issues and dealing with an acute case of mastitis. In other circumstances I may have had to stop
breastfeeding and I am eternally grateful that wasn’t the case. These kinds of obstacles are all­consuming in those
beautiful early days and having Eve as our doula made everything so much smoother and less daunting, we’d
absolutely recommend her and the Four Trimesters team to anyone looking to remember their pre and post natal
experiences as joyful ones..

Nicola Roy

Eve is INCREDIBLE! She was an absolute joy to birth with and as weird as it sounds I really enjoyed my birthing experience because of Eve.
Her soothing and supportive manner and her Super jolly persona really helped with my labour.
I turned up at hospital and wasn’t contracting very efficiently - Eve was able to help guide me through different birthing positions and massage to get everything moving more effectively. It worked! After a slow start I then very quickly dilated and through Eve’s encouragement and expertise I completely naturally gave birth to my second Daughter. She was an absolute Super Star and made me feel like I could do anything. Eve is the BEST!


Eve was a fantastic doula for the birth of my second child Chloe. I had an emergency C-section with my first child as I had placenta previa so I was very apprehensive about trying for a V-bac. Before Chloe's birth I went for a number of theory sessions with Ginny at FourTrimesters, she was very informative and supportive, she clearly and explicitly explained the process of a potential V-bac. Ginny was very encouraging but was never pushy on what decision I should make. After careful consideration, I decided on a V-bac. I went into labor naturally and headed to the hospital in the evening. I was in mild labor overnight, bright and early the next morning Eve arrived and stayed with me until Chloe was born. In total Eve spent 14 hours with me. She was so calm, supportive and encouraging during my active labor that if I have a third, I definitely will have her with me again. I gave birth to my gorgeous girl naturally. Eve was there as a great support for both myself and my husband. We both had no idea what to expect from labour but Eve was just wonderful. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She stayed with me for hours after the birth and was a great help getting Chloe to latch straightaway.
I had a fantastic experience with Eve and I would definitely recommend her and Ginny and the team at Fourtrimesters anytime. Thank you Eve!

Mimi Brotons

Talk about bringing new life into the world. Eve helped me welcome a new, more compassionate, strong and sensitive self into being while preparing for and ultimately delivering our fourth daughter Rita. She was and remains a total ray of sunshine throughout the experience, from our first meeting over tea where she conjured out my fears for discussion and revision to the night of my labor where she danced, laughed, massaged, guided and completely supported the smooth birth of our baby despite her posterior positioning and the irregular contractions.

Eve found a way to teach my husband and I something new at every visit, including and perhaps most especially an insight into delayed cord clamping which we feel was an invaluable improvement to our final delivery. Her wisdom and generous spirit put me at ease, and ultimately saved me from myself during the toughest moments of pregnancy and labor. Finally, she recommended me a postpartum doula who helped advance my recovery tenfold and helped us celebrate my husband’s birthday shortly thereafter. We are grateful she and her Four Trimesters sisters (special shout out to Keidi, Tze, Nicolle, Lani, and Janelle) are a part of Rita’s life story, and hopeful she remains a friend for life.

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